What does Your Hobby Say about You?

Society customarily places much weight on the importance of work; when we meet new people a frequent question is – What do you do for a living? We never ask someone what they do for fun, even though that can tell you much more about them.
Frequently, we have little choice in what we do to earn a living. People “fall into” jobs all the time. The need to pay rent, mortgage, tuition, and so on makes people hold on to their careers; even when they hate what they do.
Your hobbies and recreation, on the other hand, are always activities that you enjoy and are a more honest measure of who you really are.

Work or Play?

It’s an old cliché that no one has ever said at the end of life “I wish I’d spend more time at work.”
Of course, this is because it’s true. How we choose to spend our free-time is how we would enjoy spending every moment of our lives – if we were able.
Frequently, you’ll take up a hobby to fulfill a certain need built into your personality; no matter what it is, you enjoy a particular activity because it scratches an itch you have deep inside you.
Let’s take a look at five of the most popular past-times and find out what each one says about the people who enjoy them.


Golf has proven itself to be a sport that unmasks everyone who plays it. Playing 18 holes with a complete stranger will teach you more about them than working next to them for years.
Many people can’t understand why executives, businessmen, and politicians seem to spend an inordinate amount of time together on exclusive courses; because no other game will give you the measure of a man quicker.

    • Does he nudge the ball with his foot or toss it out of the sand? You can safely assume this person is comfortable cutting corners.
    • Did he miss a shot and chuck his club at the nearest tree? You know someone has anger issues.
    • Is he a horrible golfer who spends the day laughing at himself while enjoying small talk? Sounds like a patient, understanding and mature adult.

The avid golfer is someone who enjoys challenges, understands that life is rarely perfect and wants to see people at their most honest.



One of the most challenging outdoor activities ever conceived of, fly-fishing is a window into your soul. It’s just you, the stream, and an incredible level of perseverance.

There are different approaches to fly-fishing that show you and everyone who goes out with you, how you approach life.

      • Do you stay in one or two pools covering a narrow area?
      • Do you mechanically cast unproductively into a small section of the stream?
      • Do you prefer to wade carefully into quiet areas?

You’re telling everybody else in the water with you that you don’t agree that “fortune favors the bold,” and you’d prefer to approach life’s challenges on familiar ground with steady feet.

Of course, there are fly-fishers who hit the water aggressively; they wade into the turbulent water that most fishermen shy from but where the largest fish often find refuge.
You embrace the challenge of learning to fish these troubled waters and reap both the rewards and the catastrophes that come with sticking your neck out. Your style of fishing shows the world that you’re willing to risk it all on the toss of a dime. An aggressive fly-fisher is someone who isn’t afraid to risk failure to win big.


Chess is among the most cerebral hobbies anyone can pursue. To compete successfully, players must scan a situation quickly and strategically calculate many moves in advance to counter the most likely actions against him.

Chess players relish the opportunity to pit their wits and cunning against an opponent.
Players rely on a carefully honed ability to figure out what the most likely series of moves will be and how to counter them to win the game.

If you’re happiest studying the challenge of negotiating the chess board; you know that:

      • You’re approach to life is methodical and calculating
      • Every risk you take is based on a carefully considered list of possible outcomes
      • You rely on your intellect ability to navigate the twists and turns of daily life


Few things in life are as life-changing as throwing yourself out of a perfectly good airplane with nothing between you and certain death except:

        • Faith in your parachuting equipment
        • Unflinching bravado

The avid skydiver is a breed apart. Few human beings will take on the challenge of overcoming the most ingrained of fears – the fear of falling. What does skydiving say about the people who regularly pursue the sensation of freefall as they speed toward the (incredibly hard) ground?

Skydivers have no fear of leaping into the unknown!

        • Go to the airport on a whim and take a flight to someplace no one has ever heard of? Sure!
        • Walk up to the hottest girl at the bar and try the craziest pick-up line you can think of while her boyfriend is right next to her? Yup, that’s a skydiver
        • Willing to jump off the highest diving board at the pool? Nothing to a skydiver

Long Distance Running

Believe it or not this is the most spiritual of hobbies. The long distance runner plumbs the depths of his soul while his feet cover miles of road.

The long distance runner:

            • Enjoys a break from daily concerns in repetitive motion
            • Needs to exercise the mind while exerting themselves physically

The runner can always be counted on to stick with challenges for the duration.
Runners enjoy the hypnotic repetition of movement that acts as a form of moving meditation. Runners slip from the stresses and distractions of daily life as they cover dozens of miles a week navigating life with the serenity of the runner’s outlook.

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