How Yoga Instills Balance in Your Life

How yoga helps you to balance your life into a harmonious work-play-live existence.  How it instills balance that carries over into the work/play making life full… When you think of the word “yoga” I’m sure that images of poses and people contorting themselves comes to mind.  While the yoga asana (poses) are a part of […]

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How my Busy Professional Life made me Overweight.

By: Kelsey V. Imagine yourself out to dinner at a nice restaurant, dining on the company’s dime, and the waiter asks:  “Would you like the Prime Rib with a loaded baked potato or the house salad?” Which would you choose? If you’re anything like me, there’s no question here other than medium or medium rare. […]

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Your Hobbies Say More About You Than You Realize

What does Your Hobby Say about You? Society customarily places much weight on the importance of work; when we meet new people a frequent question is – What do you do for a living? We never ask someone what they do for fun, even though that can tell you much more about them. Frequently, we […]

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Technology is Transforming How we Live, Work, and Play

Not since the industrial revolution have we seen such an incredible series of technological advances changing the fabric of human society. The invention of the steam locomotive opened up travel throughout the United States, and the electric light bulb made working overnight shifts possible creating a revolution in the way people think about where and […]

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