How Yoga Instills Balance in Your Life

How yoga helps you to balance your life into a harmonious work-play-live existence.  How it instills balance that carries over into the work/play making life full…

When you think of the word “yoga” I’m sure that images of poses and people contorting themselves comes to mind.  While the yoga asana (poses) are a part of yoga there is so much more beyond that.  The practice of yoga gives us a multi-dimensional approach to calming the mind, creating strength and flexibility in the body all while harmonizing your life so that you may live in peace, be free from sadness, anger and anxiety.

In that way, you have the power to become happy today, with your life the way it is, without changing externals.  That means you don’t have to wait for the next promotion at work, the new guy to ask you out on a date or whatever else you believe will bring you happiness.  It’s within your reach today because it exists inside of you.

So how does yoga help to create balance in your life?

It cleans up your habits, redirects your thoughts and priorities while making your body a fit vehicle in which to live your life.  It’s not easy to move through the world and still be able to hear the voice from deep inside ourselves.  We are bombarded with not only media but the opinions of others and even the expectations of our cultures.

Let’s take a closer look into the techniques from which to redirect your awareness and live a harmonious life.

Asana: The poses, this is the most familiar part of a yoga practice.  The physical exercise of yoga asana keeps us fit, flexible, healthy and in-tune with our body.  We quickly have better posture, less aches and pains and even better balance.

Pranayama:  Yoga uses breathing exercises to not only deeply oxygenate the body but to begin slowing the heart rate, softening the nervous system and calming the mind.  This is an invaluable tool of a yoga practice.  It’s available for everyone and it’s free!

Dhyana:  When you have a meditation practice (even just 10 minutes twice a day) you are no longer prisoner of your mind.  Have you ever had a day where negative thoughts kept popping up?  It happens to everyone, the practice of meditation will reduce your connection to those thoughts and eventually they will cease to exist.  That is how you take your power back.  Not only is it powerful, but it’s completely available to you if you put in the time.  By rearranging your well being to be a priority it’s possible to find time in your day.

By using these techniques, gradually you will soften the ability to be irritated, become more patient, let go of aches and pains… not only of the body but of the heart.  You will be better at everything you do in all of life.  You will be a better parent, better at your career, a better friend and a better lover.  After all, your learning to go inward, and inward is only good.

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Dawn Yager
Swami Ambikanada

How my Busy Professional Life made me Overweight.

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My first post-college job was in internal audit working for a multi-national corporation and traveling all over the world for two-week time periods every month with teams of 4-5 individuals that quickly became some of my best friends.

After 4 years in this job, the number on the scale spiked by about 55 pounds because of eating out 3 times a day for weeks at a time and being unable to make the right choices. Bottle of wine? Yes. Appetizers? Of course. Dessert? Duh. This became my norm and is such an easy habit to fall into when traveling for work.

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